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James Huang

Vice President, Managing Director | Actavis


Intrigued by the dynamics of biochemistry and how drugs affect the human health, Dr. James Huang pursued a career in health care specializing in pharmaceuticals. He has garnered 15 years of experience and knowledge in this field, and continues to operate proficiently. Committed and industrious, he is the vice president and managing director of Actavis, which is one of the world's leading players in the development, manufacture, and sale of first-class generic pharmaceuticals. Dr. Huang hones expertise in drug designs, pharmaceutical compounds and product development from inception to completion, and leading to commercialization and marketing. He also manages the independent sites for research and development. Dr. Huang is the founding member and entrepreneur of a pharma startup, which was acquired by Actavis.

He attributes his success to his quest for learning, being self-motivated and determined. In five years, Dr. Huang aspires to achieve more with fewer resources, and continue to develop drugs with better quality, improve efficiency and create more jobs.

Dr. Huang holds a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from Wichita State University, Kansas. He is affiliated with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. In his spare time, Dr. Huang enjoys playing golf, traveling, and fitness activities.

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